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Mircea Dumitru (2012-present)

Mircea Dumitru (n. 1960) is a contemporary philosopher and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Bucharest.

Ioan Pânzaru (2005-2012)

Ioan Pânzaru (n. 1950) is a professor at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bucharest and a specialist in medieval French literature. He is a founder member of the Center of Medieval Studies at the University of Bucharest and member of the International Society of Arthurian Studies.

Ioan Mihăilescu (1996-2005)

Ioan Mihăilescu (1949-2007) is a former sociologist and professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bucharest.

Emil Constantinescu (1992-1996)

Emil Constantinescu (n. 1939) is a politician and scientist. He was the President of Romania between 1996 and 2000.

Nicolae D. Cristescu (1990-1992)

Nicolae Dan Cristescu (n. 1929) is a mathematician and member of the Romanian Academy and the European Academy.

Ion Dodu Bălan (1989)

Ion Dodu Bălan (n. 1929) is a writer and literary critic. He is at the forefront of Romanian protocronism.

Ioan Ioviț Popescu (1981-1988)

Ioan-Ioviț Popescu (n. 1932) is a physicist and specialist in in optics and the physics of plasma.

George Ciucu (1972-1981)

George Ciucu (1927-1990) was a specialist in the fields of mathematical probabilities, statistics and game theory.

Gheorghe Mihoc (1963-1968)

Gheorghe Mihoc (1906-1981) was a mathematician and member of the Romanian Academy.

Jean Livescu (1959-1963)

Jean Livescu (1906-1996) was a literary critic and member of the Romanian Academy.

Iorgu Iordan (1957-1958)

Iorgu Iordan (1888-1986) was a linguist and philologist and member of the Romanian Academy.

Nicolae Sălăgeanu (1954-1957)

Nicolae Sălăgeanu (1907-1988) was a botanist and member of the Romanian Academy.

Avram Bunaciu (1952-1954)

Avram Bunaciu (1909-1983) was a lawyer and politician.

Constantin Balmuș (1950-1952)

Constantin Balmuș (1898-1957) was a philologist and a specialist in classical languages.

Ilie G. Murgulescu (1949-1950)

Ilie G. Murgulescu (1902-1991) was a chemist and the Minister of Education. He founded the Institute of Chemistry within the Romanian Academy.

Alexandru Rosetti (1946-1949)

Alexandru Rosetti (1895-1990) was a linguist and philologist, editor, professor and historian of the Romanian language.

Simion Soilow (1944-1946)

Simion Stoilow (1887-1961) was a mathematician. He is known as the founder of the topological theory of analytical functions and the founder of the Romanian School of Complex Analysis.

Daniel Danielopolu (1944)

Daniel Danielopolu (1884-1955) was a doctor, physiologist and pharmacologist.

Horia Hulubei (1941-1944)

Horia Hulubei (1896-1972) was a physicist and member of the Romanian Academy.

Alexandru Otetelișanu (1941)

Alexandru Otetelișanu was a lawyer and specialist in civil law.

Petre P. Panaitescu (1940-1941)

Petre P. Panaitescu (1900-1967) was a historian and philologist.

Constantin C. Stoicescu (1936-1940)

Constantin C. Stoicescu (1881-1944) was a lawyer and professor of Roman law at the University of Bucharest. He was Minister of Justice

Nicolae Gheorghiu (1932-1936)

Nicolae Iorga (1929-1932)

Nicolae Iorga (1871-1940) was a historian, literary critic, writer, poet and prime-minister of Romania.

Mihail Vlădescu (1920-1923)

Mihail Vlădescu (1886-1931) was a Member of Parliament, soldier, journalist and writer.

Ion Athanasiu (1915-1920)

Ioan Athanasiu (1868-1926) was a veterinary doctor and is one of the founders of modern Romanian physiology.

Thoma Ionescu (1912-1915)

Thoma Ionescu (1860-1926) was a surgeon who studied the human anatomy. He founded the Romanian School of Surgery and Anatomy and he devised new surgical methods.

Ioan Bogdan (1912)

Ioan Bogdan (1864-1919) was a linguist and philologist. His research focused on Romanian-Slavic documents.

Ermil Pangratti (1911-1912)

Ermil A. Pangrati (1864-1931) was the Minister of Public Affairs.

Constantin Dimitrescu-Iași (1898-1911)

Constantin Dimitrescu-Iași (1849- 1923) was a professor of psychology and esthetics at the University of Iași and professor of moral philosophy at the University of Bucharest. He reformed the Romanian education system.

Grigore Ștefănescu (1897-1898)

Grigoriu Ștefănescu (1836-1911) was a geologist and paleontologist, and an explorer. He founded the Romanian school of earth sciences and was the first professor in this field at the University of Bucharest. Ștefănescu elaborated the first geological map of Romania.

Titu Maiorescu (1892-1897)

Titu Liviu Maiorescu (1840- 1917) was a solicitor, literary critic, writer, philosopher, professor and the prime minister of Romania between 1912/14. He founded the Romanian Academy and he created the philosophical theory of forms without substance.

Alexandru Hristea-Orascu (1885-1892)

Alexandru Orăscu (1817 – 1894) was an architect, city planner and professor.

Ion Zalomit (1871-1885)

Ioan Zalomit (1810 – 1885) was the first professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the University of Bucharest.

Vasile Boerescu (1871)

Vasile Boerescu (1830-1883) was a journalist, lawyer and a politician who promoted moderate liberal ideas. Bourescu founded the newspaper Naționalul, and held many political positions in the post-unionist governments. He was part of the delegation which represented Romania at the Paris Conference in 1866 and he supported the idea of a foreign prince ruling Romania.

Gheorghe Costa-Foru (1864-1871)

Gheorghe Costa-Foru (1820-1876) was a solicitor, professor and Minister of External Affairs. Costa-Foru is the author of the contemporary education system in Romania.

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